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Wellbeing Lunch & Learns 

You bring the lunch, I'll bring the learning

Let’s be honest, there never seems to be enough time to do everything, let alone spare people to go on training but organisations can’t neglect helping workers manage their mental health and wellbeing, if they want people to thrive.

Enabling employees to support mental health and improve wellbeing, alongside creating a psychologically safe work culture and environment, makes good business sense.


When we feel at our best we think, work, and communicate well.


Raising awareness and developing skills are a recognised part in promoting and protecting mental health in the workplace.


Whilst lunch-and-learns are not the time for required company or compliance training, they do provide a means to complement more formal development activities.

Lunch and Learn Overview

All our wellbeing sessions are designed to help people practically reduce stress, perform well, and increase wellbeing.


Each seminar includes theory, discussion, and practical elements to maximise knowledge transfer and embed learning.


Clients include these sessions in non-compulsory inhouse education seminars and lunch-and-learn* programmes. 


Attendees say they’re engaging, educational and useful.

Lunch-and-Learn webinars


Masterclass: Taste of Mindfulness

Mindfulness has been proven to enhance wellbeing, improve performance and increase our ability to cope.

The session seamlessly blends neuroscience, psychology, and the workings of the mind with practical activities attendees understand and experience what mindfulness is. 

Learn more about the mindfulness masterclass  

Managing mental health and wellbeing

Our cognitive functioning is dependent on the status of our mental health and wellbeing but for much of the time we take this for granted.


Drawing on money management analogies, this practical session empowers attendees to perform at their best without negatively impacting their wellbeing. 

Discover managing wellbeing seminar

Reduce Stress: Restore Calm

The focus of this session is learning a simple meditative breathing technique, developed by reknowned cardiologist Dr. Herbert Benson,


In this lunch-and-learn session we’ll examine the nature of stress, why Benson’s Relaxation technique works and then we’ll practice it.

More on this stress reduction session


The 3 ways to manage stress

Working life is becoming increasingly pressured but we don’t have to feel overwhelmed and overworked.


This session explains why we get stressed, what happens inside the body and, with examples, works through the three ways to manage any stressor. Learn about stress management session

Mental Wealth Management Planning

Knowing how to protect ourselves from the negative impacts of stress means we can always perform at our best.

Through exercises and reflective tasks, attendees identify what helps them stay well and what they can do to support themselves when stressed. Attendees leave with a personalised mental wealth management (MWM) plan.

MWM planning overview

Avoid Burnout

When work-related stressors are not adequately managed burnout occurs. 


This session examines what burnout is, how it comes about, risk factors and symptoms to look out for. Attendees leave with a personal anti-burnout plan. Avoid burnout seminar overview


Sessions are generally delivered online via MS Teams or Zoom.

All webinars include

  • promotional support,

  • a feedback report, and

  • session recording.

Onsite session cost can be provided on request


To ensure that cost is not a barrier to investing in employee wellness, all webinars can be adapted to meet your budget.

Got Lunch & Learn questions?

If you would like to know more about any of these webinars or want to check availability  send me a message


What people say

Lunch and Learn
average rating is 5 out of 5

Learned a lot

Tracey was very engaging. She explained everything in an easy to understand way.

Now I have had a taste, I would like to learn more about mindfulness!


Financial controller

Lunch and Learn
average rating is 5 out of 5


Thank you, Tracey. Great session!

You've reinvigorated my meditation practice.


Planning Officer

Lunch and Learn
average rating is 5 out of 5

Pitched Perfectly for the Audience

I wanted to offer mindfulness as a means to support my team's mental health.

I wasn't sure what to expect but Tracey's presentation was awesome. The content was pitched perfectly for the audience; well organised and easy to follow.

Duncan W.

Head of IT Business Partnering (ABP)

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