You bring the lunch, I'll provide the learning

These days there never seems to be enough time to do everything, let alone spare people to go on training courses but organisations can’t neglect learning and development if they want people to thrive.

Whilst lunch-and-learns are not the time for required company or compliance related training, they do provide a means to complement more formal development activities.

The most successful lunch-and-learns are voluntary, informal and focus on developing professional or soft skills. 

Well-being sessions, such as mindfulness, are regularly included in an organisation's lunch-and-learn programme.

Working with you, I will plan both the content and the communication around the event to ensure it meets your objectives and is effectively promoted. 


I can come to your workplace or run an online webinar. 

Taste of Mindfulness
1 hour Lunch-and-Learn

In this interactive session, attendees learn the what, where, when, why and how of mindfulness.

The one hour programme seamlessly blends neuroscience, psychology and the science of attention with practical activities so that not only is an understanding of mindfulness gained but also experienced. 

Learning includes how being mindful takes you off autopilot so that you respond rather than react, how to dial down the stress response and how regular meditation impacts us positively even at the cellular level.

Participants leave with an understanding of what mindfulness is, how it can benefit them in work and out, as well as make an informed decision as to whether this is something they want to take further.

Included is an optional 10 minute guided meditation practice that attendees can then go on to use in daily life.

Organisations book these sessions to gauge interest in running in-house 4-6 week mindfulness training courses and in response to employees expressing interest in learning more about mindfulness.

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by Tracey Hewett