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I have had the great pleasure of coaching and training many people. Here I share some of the kind words they had to say.

Worklife Coaching

“Yesterday, I was in a state of extreme overwhelm that had been gradually building and I felt very ‘stuck’.  Today, I feel relieved, calm, brighter, lighter and a little more enlightened. Tracey helped me to get to this place and it is not the first time she has helped me.

“She has the ability to ask you the right question or point you in the direction that leads you to the right answer which already lies within ‘you’, that has always been there, and that you already know but just maybe needed help to find it. She knows how to do that."

Account Manager

“I love her analogies and she has many! She has a way of explaining very complex things in a simple, understandable way.”

“She not only has the ability to grasp how you are feeling but she hears ‘how’ you describe things and then speaks to you in ‘your’ language so that you can immediately relate and identify to what she is saying – quite amazing, she is quite amazing."

“She has enhanced my life and enabled me to make big shifts with her knowledge, her tools and her guidance. I am deeply grateful to have met Tracey and for all that she has shared with me”.

“Tracey holds a very natural, honest, non-judgemental space that allows you to express yourself and speak openly whilst feeling safe and heard.”

Allison T.

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Course: Bring mindfulness to life

"Thank you so much, Tracey. This was a really beneficial and helpful course. I have new skills that I continue to use every day. 

You explained all the concepts and practices in a clear, visual way, with just the right amount and detail I needed to absorb and implement them."

Andrew C., Oceanographer

“I would not have been able to cope with lockdown if I had not learned mindfulness with you last year.”

"Tracey is such a dedicated and positive advocate for Mindfulness that it’d be hard not to want to learn more. She really cares about giving you the best possible start, and I’m looking forward to staying in touch over the year ahead as I develop further through my own practice. Thanks for everything."

Orla F., Change Manager

“I would recommend Tracey to anyone thinking of mindfulness. Having a weekly 1-2-1 session, ensures that you get the most out of course. Tracey tailors the sessions to your needs and uptake, reviewing progress and sharing thoughts, to deepen learning. Trying to do this without the weekly support of a trainer, would allow you to de-prioritize the practice and many would not complete it nor get the full benefit. It is easy to make excuses and fall behind. But the weekly session ensures that you are committed to see the course through and give it your best shot, which Tracey fully supports and provides the expertise to do so.”

“When I started I wanted to be happier and feel like I have more time. Am I? Definitely. I am better at being in the moment and enjoying what’s happening now. Do I feel like I have more time? No, but I appreciate the things I do rather than rush to finish them. Thank you for helping me change my outlook on life.”

Gill B., Conservation Manager

1-2-1 Course: Bring Mindfulness to Life

Drop-in Mindfulness Meditation Sessions

“We were really pleased with the 4-week online mindfulness meditation programme Tracey ran for us.  What she delivered was beyond my expectation; not only did she guide a different meditation each week but she also told us why a particular meditation was beneficial and how it could be used in daily life.

"As well as the sessions, Tracey also provided us with meditation recordings and other resources. I cannot thank her enough for sharing her knowledge with my team and providing such a grounding in mindfulness.  We continue to practice weekly and I am sure her programme contributed to this continued engagement."

Duncan W., Head of IT Business Partnering


"Tracey’s sessions were clear, helpful, engaging and did just what I needed".

"I didn't know what to expect and thought mindfulness and meditation was totally out there. Having attended these drop-in sessions I can tell you that mindfulness and what Tracey shares has changed my life. If you are getting stressed from work then take a break with Tracey. I recommend it."

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Masterclass: Taste of Mindfulness

"I wanted to offer mindfulness as a means to support my team’s mental health during lockdown. We asked Tracey to provide an online introductory Taste of Mindfulness session.

"I wasn’t sure what to expect but the presentation was awesome. She was really engaging and the content pitched perfectly for the audience; well organised and easy to follow. The webinar, although voluntary, was well attended and feedback was positive about how useful the session was."
Duncan W., Head of IT Business Partnering

“So inspiring, everyone in the business should come to this”.


“Thank you for running the mindfulness session last week – I think it went down really well”.
Course Administrator

“Thank you, Tracey. You’ve re-invigorated my meditation practice”.

“I feel like I definitely know more about what mindfulness is, and having had a taste, I would like to learn more! Thank you very much Tracey”.
Account Manager

“Tracey’s tone and expression was very engaging, it felt like she was talking to me solely and directly. She explained everything in a simple, easy to understand way."

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