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Workplace meditation sessions

Press the pause button, check-in and recentre

Much of the time we rush from one task to the next, never really noticing how we are thinking or feeling. 

Offering drop-in meditation sessions in your workplace give people the chance to press the pause button, check-in, and re-centre.  Regularly sitting together offers a means to explore mindfulness and meditation with others, as well as boost or maintain a personal practice.

About in-house meditation sessions

Each session runs for 30 minutes. Sessions are offered in bundles of 4 which are delivered on a weekly basis. 


Employees are free to come to all, some or one depending on their other commitments.  To understand the benefits of meditation and mindful awareness, regular attendance is encouraged. 



Each block of four is centred around a theme (for example, meditation basics or improving focus).


To help attendees discover which practice they find most useful a different meditation is explored each week.


Each session is divided into three parts:

> The main part is the guided meditation (15 minutes approximately).


> Before the meditation some theory is explored which helps support the meditation practice or deepen understanding of an aspect of mindful wellbeing.


> There is time after the meditation to ask questions and share experience.

Content is drawn from neuroscience, mindfulness and meditation published research, as well as clinical Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction and Cognitive Therapy courses.

Who should attend?

The sessions are open to everyone, whatever level of experience. Whether someone is a beginner or an experienced meditator.



Sessions are available to buy in bundles of four which are usually run weekly. Each session is 30 minutes. The guided meditation is between 15-20 minutes.


Delivered over MS Teams, Zoom or Google Meet at a time that is right for your organisation. 


Popular times are, of course, lunchtime but some organisations have found high attendance mid morning and end of day.

Looking to offer drop-in sessions?

If you are considering running drop-in meditation sessions at your place of work but not sure on uptake, get in touch to organise a trial session to determine interest.

GET STARTED: Arrange a call to discuss your needs


What people say

Drop-in Meditation
average rating is 5 out of 5

The best way to spend a lunchtime

I was introduced to Tracey when she ran an inhouse lunchtime wellbeing session at my company. I found the technique she shared an extremely beneficial way to reduce stress and restore calm during a working day.

Attending her weekly lunchtime drop-in session has since become an important part of my week. It provides a reset in my busy day and ensures that I take time to focus on ways to relax and manage stress.

Each session begins with an introduction to the practice that we’re going to use. This is essential in understanding how you benefit from the varying techniques she shares and encourages you to practice independently.

Tracey’s drop-in session is the best way to spend a lunchtime as it reenergises you, both mentally and physically. The structure of the sessions – theory and practice - has helped to reduce anxiety and rumination.

Claire M

Personal Assistant

Drop-in Meditation
average rating is 5 out of 5

The most important self-care activity of my week

I'm always pleased when I get the time to join these sessions. Every week Tracey shares something new with us that's helpful and relevant.

Spending 30 minutes doing meditation with Tracey is probably the most important self-care activity of my week.

Russ L.

Business Agility Consultant

Drop-in Meditation
average rating is 5 out of 5

Feeling stressed? Sit with Tracey

I didn't know what to expect and thought mindfulness and meditation were totally out there.

Having attended these drop-in sessions I can tell you that what Tracey shares has changed my life. If you are feeling stressed. Go sit with Tracey.

Coastal Advisor

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