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Mental Wealth Management - Worklife coaching

Worklife Coaching

When two minds are better than one

Is something related to your job or workplace bothering you? Have you lost interest and wondering if you might be better off elsewhere? Perhaps you are feeling overworked, over-scheduled and overwhelmed? Maybe you’ve checked in at Burnout Hotel?


If this sounds like you, you’re not alone anymore.


I know about all those places and can help feel back in control, managing the load and mastering your worklife.

My clients come to me when they have run out of options, feel stuck and want support in deciding what to do.

What does a coach do?

A coach helps someone achieve something. For example, sports coaches help athletes realise their performance goals and personal best dreams.


stress management and worklife coach specialises in helping people better manage issues to reduce their impact on their health, relationships and/or performance at work.

​I have a particular interest in helping professionals reduce work-related stress and recover from burnout


I also help people find work-life balance and ways to reduce stress caused by issues outside of work.

What is coaching?

I like to imagine coaching as journey that we'll take together.

We will explore where you are, where you want to be and how you can get there.


You are the driver, you choose the destination. Through exploratory questions I provide the transport and together we co-create the route you’ll take to get there.

Partnering like this, you get the time and space to reflect on what you truly want and how to make it happen in the way that works best for you.

What can you be coached on?

Whilst people can be coached to transform anything in their lives, I specialise in helping people who are feeling unsettled, stressed or struggling with things related to work or things that are impacting your ability to do your job.


I can help you:


  • Prepare for a new role or responsibility

  • Feel comfortable with workplace change

  • Cope better in situations you find difficult

  • Figure out your next career move

  • Reduce symptoms of stress

  • Recover from burnout

  • Return to work after sickness absence

  • Ready for retirement

  • Resolve issues that keep you up at night

Wondering if coaching is for you?

If you've not worked with a coach before you may be feeling a little sceptical or unsure.


To help you decide if it's the right approach for you, I offer everyone a fee-free, no-obligation discovery session.


This gives us the opportunity to unpack what you are looking to get from coaching and discuss how we might work together to bring about the change(s) you are seeking.

I call this an Advance call. It costs you nothing and you get to learn what it would be like to partner with me and ask any questions you might have.

Ready to take back control?

If you are feeling unsettled, stressed or struggling because of something to do with work or things that are impacting your ability to do your job, I can help.  

GET STARTED: Arrange your Discovery session

What coaching isn't

Unlike counselling, coaching is present and future-focused. This means, we will not spend time dwelling on the past, unless it is useful in understanding the situation and the goal we are moving towards.


Coaching isn't mentoring so I don't provide advice nor tell you what to do. I believe you are the expert on your situation and know which action is right for you.


My only focus when coaching is to empower you to take the action that best serves you, the situation and your wellbeing.


Take care of you.

Learn more about coaching with me

I know that coaching is not yet a common approach to resolving issues that's why I have written an FAQ and offer everyone a free discovery session.

START NOW: Request your no-obligation Advance call


What my clients say

Worklife Coaching
average rating is 5 out of 5

I have worked with many coaches and can highly recommend Tracey as a very effective wellbeing coach.

I was struggling with something at work. She helped me notice tension in the body related to my unhappiness with my work situation and showed me how to 'feel' what was going on and honesty examine it.

I could not have done this without help and, if not for Tracey's coaching, would probably have allowed the situation to worsen. I have since dealt with the situation and am much happier.

Russ L.

Business Agility Consultant

Worklife Coaching
average rating is 5 out of 5

Following my stroke, I struggled with certain well-meaning interactions. I reached out to Tracey for help and during the discovery call she said we might become upset if others’ actions didn’t align with our expectations or values.

I went on to work with Tracey who helped me uncover my core relationship values through a very practical and easy process. Effortlessly taking large amounts of information from me, accurately summarising my thoughts and helping me to see what matters to me.

By the end of the session I had a list of my core values which has enabled me to enjoy socialising again, an important step in my recovery journey.


EIA consultant, stroke survivor

Worklife Coaching
average rating is 5 out of 5

She has this knack of just 'getting it'. Such a skilled and empathic listener, she somehow manages to summarise all my 'waffle' into coherent and concise themes.

In just one session, she totally understood my imposter feelings and helped me to reconsider and reframe things. I left feeling quietly confident about my career goals and shifted from thinking 'what if I get found out' to thinking 'actually, I'm gonna smash this!'

Dr Fi Coley

Educational Psychologist

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