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Mental Wealth Management helping marine professionals protect their mental wealth

Get the knowledge, skills and support you need to

Protect your mental wealth

Helping busy professionals manage the load without compromising wellbeing 

Mental Wealth Matters

"Mental Wealth" is a collective term for a person's knowledge, skills and capabilities.


We all possess mental wealth. Without it, we can't achieve all that we do – both individually and collectively in organisations.

And yet, for much of the time, we take our cognitive functioning for granted. 

Mental Wealth Management offers proactive, evidence-based ways to work with wellness so that you can do all that you wish to in your work and personal life.  

Lay the foundations of working well


Safeguard Wellbeing


Build Resilience


Maintain Balance

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest

- Benjamin Franklin -

Get started today


Mental Wealth Management

Give your people the means to perform under pressure and protect their mental health


Wellbeing Webinars

Empower your people to take care of their wellbeing by increasing their health literacy


Worklife Mindfulness 

Reduce stress and improve focus in just 6 weeks with this popular course


Mental Wealth Planning

Create a personalised wellbeing plan to proactively work with wellness 


Weekly Meditation Class

Join a group of busy professionals who

come together to rest and reset


Worklife Coaching

Regain control if stress is impacting your performance or personal life

Today the greatest source of wealth is between your ears

- Brian Tracy -

What people say

Hello! I'm Tracey

Mental Wealth Management - Who I am

I’m a worklife coach, wellbeing and mindfulness trainer who wants everyone to feel good and do well in work.

Our ability to think and work well is dependent on our health and wellbeing yet for much of the time, we take this for granted. 


I am on a mission to change that.


I help busy professionals find ways to work with wellness so that they can do all that they wish to in their work and personal lives.


My blog is a great place to start, whilst my coaching and training programmes will help you manage your load and master your work-life.


Take care of you.

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