Worklife coaching

When two minds are better than one


Are you worried about something at work or lost interest in your job? Perhaps you are feeling overworked, overscheduled and overwhelmed? Maybe you’ve checked in at Burnout Hotel?

If this sounds like you, you’re not alone anymore.

I know about those places and I can help you get back in control, managing your load and mastering your work-life.

What is coaching?

A coach helps someone achieve something they want. For example, sports coaches help athletes fulfil their personal best dreams.

When we are struggling to think clearly or unsure what to do, working with a coach can help us get out of stuck.


Consider a Worklife Coaching session with me as a conversational journey. We will discuss where you are and where you want to be, ultimately co-creating the roadmap to take you there.


You are the driver, you decide the destination. Through exploratory conversation, I provide the transport and together we find our way to your future. 

How might you benefit from a coach?

As a specialist coach who understands your situation, I will help you gain clarity so you can think constructively.

Through questioning, I will make sure you consider everything before you decide what action you want to take.

I may also share useful insights to inform your decision, if you think they will be helpful.

Partnering like this, you get the time and space you need to really explore and reflect on how to move forward in the way that works best for you. 

What happens in a session?

In our time together, we will look at what’s going on for you and discuss how you would prefer things to be or what you would like to focus on.

We will then get specific on the goal or direction of our conversational journey.  I will then assist you in exploring the subject in detail so that you can clearly see what action(s) will help you move towards it. 

We might brainstorm ideas together, identify others who need to be involved, what additional skills or knowledge would be of benefit and develop strategies to cope with potential obstacles.

From there we will make a do-able action plan including how who might support you and how.

Before we finish, I will make sure you are confident with your action plan and ask for session feedback.

What can you be coached on?

I specialise in helping people who are feeling unsettled, stressed or struggling with things at work recentre, refocus and reclaim control. 

I can help you:

  • Prepare for a new job/role

  • Deal with workplace change

  • Manage stress

  • Recover from burnout

  • Return to work after sickness absence

  • Ready for retirement

Wondering what coaching would be like?

If you've not worked with a coach before you've probably got some questions. The best way to answer those is to experience coaching for yourself.  


I offer everyone a fee-free discovery session. This gives us both an opportunity to explore how we might work together to get you out of stuck and moving forward.

I call this an Advance call.


It costs you nothing, takes 20-30 minutes and you learn what it would be like to work with me. What have you got to lose?

Let's do this: Organise your FREE Advance call/Discovery session

Final thoughts on coaching

Unlike counselling, coaching is present and future-focused. This means, we will not spend time dwelling on the past, unless it is useful to the goal we are moving towards.

I won’t tell you what to do.  


I believe you are the expert on your situation and you know what action will be most right for you.

My only focus when coaching is helping you see more clearly and empowering you to take the action that best serves you and your sense of well-being.

Take care of you.

Ready to get back in the driving seat?

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Practical ways to build resilience, restore balance and improve well-being at work

by Tracey Hewett