One to one mindfulness training

Learn mindfulness when it suits you

Interest in learning mindfulness is growing. It's no surprise; being mindful has been shown to improve mental well-being, personal effectiveness and how we cope with challenging situations.


As mindful awareness is a particular way of paying attention, it needs to be learned. And just like any other skill, you learn and hone your skill through practice.


A way to both develop this attentional skill and benefit from it in daily life is to do a course.  But not everyone can or wants to learn in a group setting.  


Whatever the reason, I can help you learn mindfulness at a time and pace that's right for you. 

Bring Mindfulness to Life

6 week course


In this one to one course, you will learn how mindfulness can be brought to all aspects of your life.


In just six sessions via online video conferencing platforms like Skype, Teams or Zoom, I will share with you all you need to begin to benefit from being mindful.


Each week will introduce you to a key concept of mindful awareness, psychological principles and neuroscience research findings to help you to better understand the workings of the mind and how to bring mindfulness to life.


Each session includes meditation practices and discussion so you feel confident using your new skill.

The course programme is designed so that each session builds on previous ones. By the end you will understand what mindfulness is and how to use it in daily life.


This course is the first step to bringing mindfulness to life.

What will you achieve?

After just 6 sessions, you will...

  • Have new ways of managing challenging situations and difficult feelings  

  • Be more present with yourself, others and life in general 

  • Have increased self-awareness so that you begin to act from choice

  • Have increased body awareness so you can start to recognise you need to take a break or change something  

  • Enjoy greater attentional control so that you are less distracted 

  • Have chosen go-to mindfulness practices to support yourself with

  • Understand general mindfulness concepts   

  • Model a non-judging, open-minded approach 

  • Likely to have established or deepened a meditation practice 

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Practical ways to build resilience, restore balance and enhance well-being at work

by Tracey Hewett