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Putting mindfulness to work

It is widely recognised that employers have a major role to play in supporting the mental health of those in their organisation. After all, this is where most of us spend most of our waking hours.  


However, transforming an organisation to better support mental health can be challenging.

I advocate taking a whole organisation and holistic approach to mental health. 


This means putting in place preventative and protective measures, as well as those that address mental ill-health caused or made worse by work and, supporting those with mental health issues to thrive.

Mindfulness and mental health

Mindfulness has been shown to operate on both sides of the mental health coin. It can increase people’s self-awareness so that they recognise signs and look after their mental well-being (prevent and protect), as well as provide a means to stay well with a mental ill-health issue (respond and recover). 

Research has also found that mindfulness can impact all aspects of an individual’s working life from better communication to greater focus as well as enhanced resilience and improved psychological and emotional well-being.

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Mindfulness in the UK

In 2014, the UK government established an All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Mindfulness which explored the benefit of mindfulness to organisations, schools, health and the prison service, culminating in their 2015 Mindful Nation UK recommendations. The APPG continues to exist and promote the value of mindfulness today.

Putting Mindfulness to Work

6 week workplace training course


This course uses the Workplace Mindfulness Training (WorkplaceMT) model developed by The Mindfulness Exchange, a spin-off from Oxford University’s Mindfulness Centre. 


It is based on an NHS-approved mindfulness course adapted for the public and designed for the modern workplace.


The evidence-led programme combines psycho-education, mindfulness theory, regular practice and experiential insight leading to greater self-knowledge, awareness and management. 


Each session builds on the previous ones so that by the end attendees know all they need to apply and benefit from putting mindfulness to work.

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Practical ways to build resilience, restore balance and improve well-being at work

by Tracey Hewett