Worklife coaching FAQ

Answers to regularly asked questions

Why do we need to have an Advance discovery call?

Before committing ourselves to working together, we both need to know we can work together to get you where you want to be.


You need to feel comfortable enough in my presence to share your thoughts and I need to confirm that I can assist you.  

What happens in a coaching session?

Coaching creates change, some may even say it is transformative. With that in mind, at the beginning of each session we’ll discuss where you are in relation to a desired aim and what you want to work on or get from the session. This helps us focus our conversation.

So that we make best use of our time together, I will encourage you to be really specific so expect to spend time on getting really clear on where we are heading in the session.

Our conversation will then turn to exploring what could move you forwards. I will ask you lots of questions to help you see things from all angles and develop insight into how you think and feel about each option.

Later in the session we will pin down what you intend to do and when. We will also talk about any additional support you might need and where you might find it.


At the end we will check we have achieved our session aim, discuss how the session went and agree when the next one will be.

How many sessions will I need?

That’s hard to say without us talking. That’s not being evasive, everyone who comes to coaching has different aspirations and needs. 


It all depends on the transformation you are seeking. 

When we have our Advance discovery call, I will learn what's going on for you and what you are looking to get from coaching. I can then share with you how we might programme sessions to help you realise your goal(s). 

Nothing changes if nothing changes 

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How often we will meet?

Coaching isn’t therapy so there is no need to meet every week, unless you want to. 

Generally, the early sessions are spaced two to three weeks apart to give you time to start taking action. Later we may stretch the time between sessions.

You could book six dates from the start or just a couple and see how you go. It's your call but I would recommend some consistency - day of week, time etc.

Between sessions, you can reach me using email or WhatsApp messaging.  

When will we meet?

Any time that’s mutually convenient! I coach people mornings, lunchtimes, afternoons and evenings, including Saturdays.

Are the coaching sessions virtual?

Yes, usually I coach on Zoom/MS Teams but we can do it by phone, if you'd prefer. If you're in the Bournemouth or Southampton area, we could meet.


If we meet face to face, we’ll use public meeting spaces for our sessions. This might be quiet coffee shops, hotel lounges, parks, on the beach. 

How long is a session?

Each session is 60 minutes. The first one may be slightly longer than this to cover off any administrative needs.

To help you make the most of our time together, I may ask you to send me a short update just prior to our session.

How much will it cost?

Coaching is an enabler and catalyst for change. In other words it's an investment in transformation.


Of course, there’s my fee but there’s also your commitment to taking action outside of the sessions.

I offer private client packages of 2 (£120), 4 (£220), 6 (£300), 10(£480) sessions. Package sessions expire 12 months from start.

Single sessions are available to those whose contract has ended and who wish to finalise or review something. My single session rate is £65.

How do you coach?

This depends on you. We will discuss how you want each of our sessions to be.


Sometimes you may want someone to reflect back what you are saying so that you can think out loud, other times you may be wanting to make a decision so want me to ask questions to help you consider options.

Either way, you should expect to feel somewhat challenged in your thinking and stretched beyond your comfort zone, that's where the insights occur that make change happen. 

When we have our Advance call, you will find out if you like my style of conversation.

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