Drop-in mindfulness sessions

Time to pause and re-connect

So much of the time we rush from one thing to another not taking the time to notice what we are thinking or how we are feeling.

Drop-in mindfulness meditation sessions give you the chance to press the pause button, check-in and re-centre.

Sitting together in this way provides a means to explore mindfulness and meditation safely, as well as boost and maintain a personal practice.

Drawing from neuroscience, mindfulness and meditation published research, as well evidence-based clinical MBSR and MBCT courses, attendees are guided to pay attention to their moment to moment experience and learn how such focus can be applied in daily life.

In each 30 minute session, we will explore a particular aspect of mindful awareness and then experience it for ourselves using a related guided meditation such as mindfulness of breath, body scan or breath and body.  

Reflecting on the experience post-meditation offers a way to explore 

Please note: These short drop-in meditation sessions are not a mindfulness course. If you are wanting to bring mindfulness into your workplace please have a look at the 6 week course I offer.

Drop-in overview
30 minute mindfulness session


>Delivered only virtually at this time - Skype, Teams, Zoom


>Suitable for all levels of experience


>Book as many or as few sessions as you like - most book 4 slots


>Choose a time that works for your team - morning, lunchtime, afternoon

>Low cost, low commitment

>Access to additional resources and meditations outside of session


Thinking of drop-in sessions for your workplace?

Arrange a time to discuss options


Charting progress, logging reflections

as I sail my ship in and out of work

by Tracey Hewett