No different to you

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Most times when you land on a website about mental well-being, self-mastery or mindfulness you find a clinical psychologist, a yoga teacher or a neuroscientist. 


I am none of these.

In fact I am no different to you; just a human being doing the best I can.


And, just like you, I have had some great times and made some amazing memories but I have had difficult times too.

A lot of the time life was good, great even, but every now and again I would feel overloaded, overwhelmed and over-scheduled and with those feelings would come sleepless nights, worry and low mood aka stress and anxiety.


And, I thought that was just how life was. 

I read many books on how I might help myself but nothing really changed that is, until I learned about mindfulness.


I did a course simply out of curiosity.


However, learning how to manage the mind and drop into present moment awareness provided such a shift in my emotional well-being that I decided to qualify as a mindfulness trainer to be able to share the practice with others.


I did a course with the Mindfulness Exchange, a spinoff from the Oxford University Mindfulness Centre and now, I see others find the same benefits, when I share with them how to bring mindfulness to life.

I am listed in the Workplace MT Mindfulness Trainer directory  

Since 2017, I have been teaching people privately and in workplaces about the mind and its management, as well as helping organisations and individuals better care for their mental health and well-being aka their mental wealth.


Not everyone is able to access my training sessions or 1-2-1 work-life coaching so I share information and techniques here on my blog. 

Take what you want, leave what you don't want. 

Take care of you. 

"You taking care of the state of your own mind is the greatest gift to everyone around you." Emma Seppälä


Association for Coaching

International Society for Coaching Psychologists

Training and certificates

Certificate in Coaching (Centre for Coaching) 

Certificate in Stress Management Coaching (Centre for Coaching) 

Managing Mental Health and Stress (Coventry University)

HR Fundamentals (CIPD) 

Well-being and Resilience at Work (University of Leeds) 

Maintaining a Mindful Life (Monash University) 

Mental Health First Aider (MHFA, England) 

Workplace Mindfulness Trainer Program (Chartered Management Institute)

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by Tracey Hewett