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Looking after our mental wealth

I wrote mental wealth on purpose in that title (kudos to you if you spotted that!). 


Why? Because I want us to change the way we view mental health.


We all have it and without it we would not be able to achieve the remarkable things we do – both individually and collectively in organisations - and that means we should value what we have.

Why? Because when we value something, we are more inclined to look after it.

Oftentimes though we take our mental health for granted and ignore signs that things are not right which can lead to us suffering from stress, anxiety, depression, even burnout.

I help individuals to proactively care for their mental health and well-being (mental wealth) so that they can do, be, create and achieve all that they wish to.

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About Practice Notes (blog)

Practice Notes was created to encourage and help you take care of you. 


Many of the articles come from personal experience of dealing with stress, championing workplace mental health and bringing mindfulness to life.


Some techniques are those shared in the courses I teach, whilst others are created in response to reader's questions.


I am always pleased to hear from those who have found their way here so do free to leave a comment or get in touch.

Take what you want, leave what you don't want.

Take care of you.

Not sure what mindfulness is?

I created this all about mindfulness page just for you


Charting progress, logging reflections

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